We advise companies in optimizing their tax compliance processes and support to efficiently design these processes in accordance with the legal requirements. This field of services includes also the advice on the development of tax strategies, building the tax function as well as creating tax policies of organizations. TaxID employees eventually can also be available as seconded tax managers.

Our services in detail:

ID_einzeln copy  Strategic Tax Advice

  • Drafting of the tax strategy and its integration into business strategy
  • Conception and structuring of group tax functions
    • Independent expert rating of number of employees needed for the tasks to be carried out
    • Development of employee profiles
    • Development of appraisal systems for employees and managers
    • Advisor selection and integration
  •  Drafting of guidelines for communication with
    • other divisions
    • management board
    • supervisory board
    • external parties

ID_einzeln copy  Interim Management:

  • Temporary management of tax departments
  • Management of tax projects

ID_einzeln copy  Tax Compliance Organization

  • Tax Compliance Assessment (actual state / target analysis) for German and foreign corporations: organization analysis and process analysis
  • Development of solutions to avoid accusation of organizational defaults
  • Development of effective control and monitoring processes
  • Advice related to implementation of tax compliance management systems and to changes of existing systems (change management)
  • Advice related to the implementation of tax risk management systems
  • Drafting and updating of corporate tax policies
  • Drafting of internal tax guidelines (Tax Compliance Manuals)
  • Training concepts for employees in the tax department and for senior executives/management
  • Basic trainings „Tax Compliance“ for employees in other departments
  • Management of impacts of tax compliance infringements